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How to claim chunks with FTB Chunks

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Why would i want to claim chunks?
Claimed chunks help protect your items and builds from potential griefers or thieves. It's important to always make sure that all your items are under your claimed chunks to deter and avoid having to deal with the headache of such events. Our servers are pve only and stealing or griefing is not allowed whatsoever and does result in permanent bans, but it does happen from time to time with problem players, which is why you always want to take the appropriate steps to avoid the issue all together.

Step 1.

Go into your inventory and click on the map icon on the top left or press the M key.

The map should open up, on the bottom left it should tell you what's the max chunks you can claim. Check out our ranks wiki to learn how to get more max chunk claims.

Step 2.

hover your mouse over the chunk you want to claim on the map and left click it. It should change to your teams color indicating that you claimed that chunk.