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Welcome to Silver Keep! An exciting journey awaits you. This guide has been created to help explain everything you need to know about starting on Silver Keep. This includes information on server rules, server wipe schedules, in-game ranks, and much more!

Server Rules

Our server rules are designed to provide the best possible experience for all players. Limitations are in place to prevent both short-term and long-term server lag. We prioritize the player's experience and try to avoid restricting gameplay as much as possible. However, modded Minecraft is considerably more demanding to run, which means we must restrict anything that could cause significant server lag.

Building * No building offensive structures or symbols. * No building structures that interfere with other players’ buildings. * No building structures that obstruct pathways or chokepoints. * No building structures that excessively utilize resources or lag the server. * No traveling at insane…


If you need to contact our staff for support, please submit a ticket on the #support channel in our Discord. We kindly ask that you be patient and allow up to 24 hours for a response before pinging any staff. While we strive to provide a quick response, our response times may vary depending on the time of day.

Server Wipes

Regular server wipes, typically scheduled every 4-5 months depending on the modpack, are crucial due to the resource-intensive dynamics of modded Minecraft. Our server gets thousands of players joining in the course of a few months, because of that the servers tend to become nearly fully claimed, looted, explored increasingly unstable and laggy over time. Moreover, it's worth noting that some modpack updates occasionally include changes to world generation, which are only applied with a server wipe. These wipes reset everything, including the world and player data, allowing everyone to start on a new adventure in a fresh, unexplored world.

Player Ranks

There are two types of player ranks that can be obtained at Silver Keep. The first is obtained by donating, which gives you in-game perks to enhance your experience. The second type of rank is based on playtime. These ranks are earned by simply playing on the server, and as you accumulate more playtime, you unlock more chunk claims, allowing you to claim a larger area. However, please note that playtime ranks reset with every server wipe.

Server ranks are based off your playtime on the server. Ranks will reset the same time as server. Newcomer Default Rank Max Claims: 20 Explorer Playtime hours needed: 5 Max Claims: 50 Villager Playtime hours needed: 20 Max Claims: 55 Adventurer Playtime hours needed: 40 Max Claims: 60 Warrior Playtime