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How to add more ram to Curse launcher

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Step 1.

Go to your Curse Launcher settings on the bottom left.

Step 2.

Within the Curse Launcher settings go to the Minecraft tab on the left side.

Step 3.

Look for where it says "Allocated Memory" there should be a slider that you are going to use to set the ram your launcher will use for your game.

The amount of ram you want to set for your game will depend on the total max available ram your computer has. Windows needs a minimum of 2GB of free ram to function properly, so do not set all your available ram to the game. The minimum ram most mod packs need to run without lag or crashes is 5GB.

This is what we recommend you set your ram to if your max available ram fits the following criteria.

8GB or less

Recommended ranges to set ram to 5GB - 6GB

5GB = 5120MB
6GB  = 6144MB

12GB or greater

Recommended ranges to set ram to 8GB - 10GB

8GB =  8192MB
9GB =  9216MB
10GB = 10240MB

For those of you with 12GB or greater setting to much ram to Minecraft can cause more lag and its not recommended to go above the ranges that we gave.