Silver Keep MC

About us

Silver Keep is a friendly community that hosts public modded Minecraft servers, committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all players. While the community started small, it continues to grow under the leadership of DigitalCraver and Kokoro.

Silver Keep's origins can be traced back to August 18, 2018, when DigitalCraver, Kokoro, Sullen Guardian, and NanoMond created a modpack on Technic Launcher called Silver Keep. The modpack was initially just for their friends, and they spent months playing and building up their world, adding more mods along the way.

In January 2021, the group decided to switch from their 1.12 Silver Keep modpack to something more up-to-date, Valhelsia 3 version 3.1.2. They started a new world and began their journey in Valhelsia, starting by building a small home in the middle of a lake and progressing through Minecolonies.

Two weeks later, DigitalCraver and Kokoro began discussing the possibility of opening up the server to the public. Although Kokoro was hesitant, they eventually decided to take the leap. On January 21, 2021, DigitalCraver made a post about their Valhelsia 3 server on a popular modded Minecraft community forum, and they gained ten new players on the first day. Within a week, their server exploded in popularity, and they gained many players who are still with them today.

As the player count grew, Silver Keep gradually expanded and added more servers, including their most popular one to date, Better Minecraft. Today, the community continues to thrive under DigitalCraver's leadership, always striving to be the most welcoming and inclusive modded community out there. The players' experiences remain their top priority, and they welcome new players to join them in their journey.